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Intent Focused SEO Optimization

Get traffic that is most relevant to your business. We optimize your website as per the intent of your prospect. So you rank higher, get more clicks and grow your business.

SM Bakerywala Director, Fluid Seals - Canada

They listened to our ideas and created a logo and website that truly captured our brand with detail and creativity.

Nidhi Pant Co-founder, S4S - India

The ADZ team has been creative, innovative and friendly. The results are great & the process was enjoyable.

Dr. B.M. Patil Principal at MGM Poly - India

Your diligence and detailed approach toward work has set a benchmark for the rest of the workforce.

Most Businesses Hardly Ever Make It to the First Page of Search Results by Their Ideal Customers

Your next customer is searching with the intention to solve their problems. They’ll search you with a topic, perhaps the meaning of the word, or another word that conveys their query. They don’t have a set of keywords to look for.

We offer SEO Services for your website based on the intent of your visitor, which gets you more relevant traffic that actually matters to your business.

How does that work?

The search engines organize the data and information based on topics and entities. We structure your website architecture and content in a way that creates an organized structure that helps you rank higher on semantic results.

Not investing in SEO will strengthen your competition…

One of the first things your prospect does when they’re making a purchase decision is hopping to search engines… Every time you’re not ranking there is someone else ranking for it. And you’re losing out!

Choosing the right SEO provider means:

Everything that goes around for the SEO of a website.

We help you with strategies that will actually start delivering results.

Competitor analysis

Your competitors aren’t sleeping, they’re trying hard too. We initiate our strategies by looking at our competitors and closely searching for opportunities to outperform them.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is not just sharing the keywords relevant to your business. It is a lot more. We focus on the intent and what goes through their heads as they’re planning to make a purchase decision.

Website architecture

There is a structure that gets more eyes to your website. Having a proper website architecture will get the crawlers (Google bots) to find you quickly and help you rank for semantic terms and keywords.

Technical SEO

The google algorithm helps the websites with solid technical optimization. It means making the site easier to load with better navigation, higher page speed, organized internal structure, and other technical aspects.

UX and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We also help you provide excellent User experience (UX) to your prospects around with your website. We make sure the copy on the website is conversion-focused, so you get more customers.

Stop being average. Make your brand stand out.

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